Mercedes-Benz Genuine BOOT A2560941200
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Mercedes-Benz Genuine BOOT A2560941200



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Mercedes-Benz Genuine BOOT

Enhance your driving experience with the reliable Mercedes-Benz Genuine BOOT | A2560941200. Explore our high-quality trunk accessories for superior trunk functionality. Unleash the true potential of your Mercedes-Benz and enjoy a seamless travel experience.

The part number A2560941200 on the Mercedes-Benz Genuine part is BOOT, which stands for joint boot or axle boot (constant velocity). These boots are an integral part of the axle assembly of the car. They shield and cover the CV joint, which is in charge of sending power from the transmission to the wheels and enabling flexible and smooth rotation during suspension and steering operations.


  • Protection: Prevents impurities from damaging and prematurely wearing down the CV joint.
  • Flexibility: Enables smooth articulation of the CV joint during suspension and steering operations.
  • Durability: Constructed from premium materials to resist a range of road conditions and harsh temperatures.
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Mercedes Benz

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