Febi Bilstein Gear Oil 1 Liter 39070 / G052182A2 / G05218251LDSP
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Febi Bilstein Gear Oil 1 Liter 39070 / G052182A2 / G05218251LDSP



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Febi Bilstein Gear Oil 1 Liter 39070 / G052182A2 / G05218251LDSP

Part number 39070 is a compact 1-liter container that holds Febi Bilstein Gear Oil, which is designed to offer superior lubrication and protection for a variety of gears and transmissions. Here is a summary of its main attributes and advantages:

Febi Bilstein 39070
Gear Oil G052182A2 / G05218251LDSP
Replace : G052529A2


The Febi Bilstein Gear Oil is designed to provide smooth gear operation and best performance in a variety of operating settings. It is made with premium base oils and cutting-edge additives. Because of its precisely formulated composition, the gearbox experiences less wear, friction, and heat buildup, which facilitates smooth gear shifts and lowers power loss. Excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability of the gear oil contribute to maintaining stable lubricating characteristics over lengthy service intervals, guaranteeing dependable gear performance and extended


The dedication of Ferrari to performance and quality is well known. Using cutting-edge production techniques and quality control procedures, the Gear Oil is produced in accordance with the strictest industry requirements. The oil is put through a thorough testing process to make sure it satisfies or surpasses industry standards as well as the criteria and specifications of top automakers. The Febi Bilstein Gear Oil enhances longevity and reliability by providing essential lubrication and protection for gearbox components through its exceptional quality and performance.


A variety of manual transmissions, gearboxes, and differential systems, including those seen in cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles, are compatible with the Febi Bilstein Gear Oil. It can be used with hypoid gear sets in manual gearboxes that are synchronized or unsynchronized.



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