Shipping and Delivery
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Within UAE:

Shipping is FREE within the UAE and might take 1 to 2 working days to arrive.

Throughout the World:

All duties, Customs, and Other Charges will be paid by the Customer.

International shipment arrives 5 to 6 working days; however, the delivery time may increase due to any immediate unavailability of the ordered item, natural calamity, or any uncertainty. We assure our customers we will do all the best to avoid any kind of inconvenience to them.

Shipping Charges

The shipping charges are calculated based on the dimensional weight of the product. All the shipping charges appear at the checkout page. For any issues/queries regarding shipping charges or other matters related to product availability and product ordering, please contact our customer services.


The order item is shipped within 24 hours of the order received and the shipment might take 5 to 7 working days to arrive. Please be informed that this is an estimated time frame and not guaranteed. The shipment/delivery might be impacted by weather, transportation, natural disasters, wars, or any other uncertainty.

All shipping carriers reserve the right to extend delivery time by 24 hours to residential deliveries. This is beyond our control and shipping charges will not be refunded for this reason. Upon receiving your order, inspect all packages thoroughly for missing, damaged, or incorrect parts. Our auto parts warehouse puts forth every effort to prevent shipping damage, however, it does occur occasionally.

If you receive a damaged part, do not accept the package; have the shipper immediately return it to us. If the shipper has left a damaged package in your absence, immediately contact the shipper and have the package returned to us. Missing, damaged, or incorrect parts are non-returnable after 30 business days, regardless of the party at fault. We must be contacted immediately if any of the above occurs.

Lastly, we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages, and all claims for such must be worked out with the shipping company.