Castrol Engine Oil 0W20 MAGNATEC STOP-START 1 Liter
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Castrol Engine Oil 0W20 MAGNATEC STOP-START 1 Liter



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Castrol Engine Oil 0W20


Castrol 0W20 MAGNATEC STOP-START Engine Oil, 1 Litre

Castrol Engine Oil 0W20 MAGNATEC STOP-START: 

A premium lubricant specifically made to satisfy the demands of contemporary engines, especially those with stop-start technology. It comes in a handy 1-liter package. Castrol, a well-known brand in the automotive lubricant market, contributes his knowledge to this synthetic oil, which provides cutting-edge performance and protection.

Viscosity of 0W20:

With its 0W20 viscosity rating, this engine oil guarantees superior flow characteristics, especially during cold starts. It lessens wear and tear by quickly lubricating important engine parts.


MAGNATEC technology is one of its distinguishing features. It provides immediate protection during startup by coating critical engine components with a protective layer. This is especially helpful for engines that experience frequent stop-start situations.

Artificial Composition:

Temperature stability of the oil is improved by its synthetic composition. It ensures constant performance in a range of driving circumstances by providing enhanced resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown.

Suspend-Start Interoperability:

Designed specifically for engines that use stop-start technology, this oil reduces wear on numerous restarts and offers vital protection when conventional lubricants might not be sufficient.



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