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Model Automotive Parts is a well-reputed automotive parts dealer located in Sharjah and governed by the UAE laws regarding trade. The transaction done online is fully secured with SSL and measures to ensure the confidentiality, security, and privacy of our customers.


We have the latest valid SSL certificate and McAfee security to ensure all of the transaction are fully secure over the internet. At, we take confidentiality of our customers very seriously, and we ensure our customers their data such as their names, phone numbers, email addresses and fully secured and not misused, abused, sold, or rented to any third party.



Please be informed that Model Automotive Parts is fully governed by Federal laws regarding protection of credit card and debit card information of online customers and we take that very seriously.

Guarantee of Data Privacy:

We are concerned about your privacy. We manage your personal information in the strictest confidence and comply with data privacy regulations. You may be confident that we never jeopardize the security of your information, and that we only use it for transactions.

Infrastructure for a Secure Website: 

Our website is constructed with a strong framework that forbids unauthorized access and guards against online attacks. We make constant updates and system monitoring efforts to guarantee optimal security.

Safe Browsing Environment:

You may shop with assurance on our website because it offers a secure and safe browsing environment. Every page of Model Automotive Parts is protected by our unwavering dedication to cybersecurity, guaranteeing that there are no lapses during your interactions with us.

Industry-Standard Compliance: 

Model Automotive Parts complies with all applicable industry security standards and regulations. Everything about your online purchasing experience is a reflection of our dedication to upholding the highest security standards.

Safe Account Management: 

We take great care to protect your account. To protect the confidentiality of your personal data, we use strong password policies and account authentication procedures as well as other secure account management techniques.

Practices for Customer-Centric:

Your peace of mind is essential to our approach to online security at Model Automotive Parts. Our customer-focused security procedures are made to safeguard your private information while also making sure that your entire online purchase is dependable and trustworthy.

User Authentication Protocols: 

To confirm and protect your account, we employ strong user authentication procedures. By adding an additional layer of protection, multi-factor authentication makes sure that important account information is only accessible by authorized users.

Payment Security Standards: 

Strict payment security guidelines are followed by Model Automotive Parts. Your financial information is protected throughout transactions by our payment gateways, which follow industry best practices. You can rely on the highest level of care being taken with your financial details.

Frequent Security Audits: 

We carry out security audits and assessments on a frequent basis to ensure the greatest degree of protection. By taking a proactive stance, we can quickly detect and fix such weaknesses, giving our clients access to a consistently safe online environment.

User Education Resources: 

Building a safe online community requires arming our users with information. We offer instructional tools on our Shopping Security page that shed light on the best practices for online security. When you purchase with us, be aware of your surroundings and actively participate in keeping yourself safe.

Committed Customer Support: 

Our committed customer support team is here to help you if you have any questions or concerns about security. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any moment if you need advice, information, or assistance regarding the procedures and features on our site.

Safe Password Management: 

Choosing a strong password is the first step in keeping your account safe. We advise users to establish secure passwords that are one-of-a-kind and to change them frequently. Your account information is generally protected thanks to our secure password management procedures.

Security Alerts and Notifications: 

Use security alerts and notifications to stay up to date on any activity related to your account. Get real-time information on any alterations or actions related to your account, enabling you to respond quickly to any questionable occurrences.

Community Input and Ongoing Improvement: 

We appreciate the input that comes from our community. Please let us know if you ever detect anything strange or have any recommendations for improving our procedures. Your observations support our dedication to ongoing advancements in the field of internet security.

Account Activity Monitoring: 

We keep a close eye on account activity using advanced technologies. To stop unwanted access, any suspicious or unusual conduct is quickly detected and dealt with. Keeping an eye on account activity on a regular basis helps to keep the user environment safe.

Safe Personal Information Handling: 

The utmost caution and security are used when handling your personal information. In order to safeguard your privacy and confidentiality, we have put in place stringent procedures for the handling and storage of personal data.

Firewall Protection: 

Strong firewall protection fortifies our systems. By blocking potentially dangerous traffic, this extra line of protection protects our platform from online attacks and gives our users a safe and secure online experience.

Incident Response Plan: 

We have a thorough incident response plan in place in case there are any secure  incidents. In order to minimize any possible impact on our users, this strategy describes the procedures we follow to evaluate, mitigate, and recover from secure events.

Frequent Security Training: 

To stay up to date on the newest dangers and best practices, our team regularly participates in training. As a result of this continuous training, Model Automotive Parts’ personnel is more prepared to recognize and handle possible secure  threats, strengthening the company’s overall secure  stance.

Vulnerability Patching: 

We actively monitor and patch our systems to keep ahead of potential vulnerabilities. In order to keep our platform safe from new threats, regular updates and patches are implemented to quickly fix any vulnerabilities that are found.

Cooperation with Secure Professionals: 

Model Automotive Parts regularly conducts audits and evaluations in conjunction with secure professionals. These partnerships offer insightful information that helps us improve oursecure protocols and keep up with changing cybersecurity issues.


Shopping Security at MDL Auto Parts

At MDL Auto Parts, safeguarding your shopping experience is as crucial to us as providing top-notch Range Rover and Jaguar spare parts. Our commitment extends beyond delivering premium automotive components; it’s about guaranteeing a secure, worry-free shopping environment for every customer.

Our Encryption Protocols

We prioritize your data security by employing the latest encryption protocols. When you transact on our platform, your information undergoes robust encryption, making it virtually impenetrable to unauthorized access. This advanced encryption ensures that your sensitive details remain confidential throughout the purchasing process.

Trustworthy Payment Gateways

Rest assured, your financial transactions are facilitated through trustworthy payment gateways. We’ve partnered with reputable payment processors to offer multiple secure payment options. From credit cards to secure online payment systems, we’ve integrated varied methods to suit your preferences while maintaining stringent security measures.

Data Privacy Measures

Your privacy is paramount. We adhere to stringent data privacy regulations and implement industry best practices to safeguard your personal information. Be it your name, address, or payment details, we handle your data with utmost confidentiality, never compromising on our commitment to protecting your privacy.

Constant Security Updates

MDL Auto Parts stays ahead in the realm of cybersecurity. We regularly update our security protocols to fend off evolving threats and vulnerabilities. Our dedicated team continuously monitors our systems, ensuring that every aspect of your shopping journey remains fortified against potential risks.

Secure Checkout Process

Experience a seamless and secure checkout process tailored for your convenience. Our streamlined checkout ensures that your purchase is swift, hassle-free, and, most importantly, secure. We’ve designed it to prioritize your peace of mind while finalizing your order.

Transparency and Trust

We believe in transparency. From the moment you explore our catalog to the final click confirming your purchase, we aim to cultivate trust. Our commitment to transparency encompasses pricing, policies, and the security measures we implement, empowering you with information and confidence in every transaction.


Customer Service and Guaranteed Security

Our commitment to your security doesn’t stop at the point of sale. MDL Auto Parts is dedicated to offering top-notch customer service, which includes answering any questions you may have about security. Our friendly support staff is available to help if you ever have questions or need clarification on our security procedures.


Confirmed Genuineness of Components

We place a high value on the legitimacy of the Range Rover and Jaguar replacement parts we sell, in addition to transaction security. Each component that is made available on our platform has been carefully chosen and its authenticity confirmed. Your purchases are assured to be genuine, giving your luxury cars the best possible performance and dependability.


Safe Data Management

We take the utmost care with your information from the time you register an account or enter it for a purchase. We rigorously abide by data privacy laws, and our systems are guarded against unwanted access. We value your trust, and protecting your information is a sign of our dedication to upholding that trust.


Preventive Security Measures

Proactive security is the methodology of operation for MDL Auto Parts. We regularly carry out security audits and assessments in order to find and fix any potential weaknesses. Our mission is to not only meet but beyond industry standards so that you may continue to have a worry-free and strengthened buying experience.


Teaching Our Clients

The secret is to empower others with information. We make an effort to inform our clients about recommended procedures for cybersecurity. By providing educational materials and advice, we hope to give you the skills you need to stay safe online even when using our platform.


Comments and Ongoing Development

Your opinions are important. We welcome your feedback on both your overall experience and our security measures. We are able to keep improving our security architecture thanks to your insights, making sure that we keep up with the constantly shifting world of internet security.


Your security is a fundamental component that is integrated into every step of your buying experience at MDL Auto Parts. It’s not simply a feature. Our approach to delivering the best Range Rover and Jaguar spare parts is characterized by trust, authenticity, and a persistent dedication to protecting your privacy.


Transparent secure  Communications: 

As part of our dedication to openness, we make sure that users are informed of any major updates or modifications to oursecure  protocols. We think that sustaining a safe online community and earning your trust depend heavily on our ability to keep you informed.



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