BMW Genuine Engine Oil Twin Turbo 10W60 83212365924
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BMW Genuine Engine Oil Twin Turbo 10W60 83212365924



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BMW Genuine Engine Oil Twin Turbo 10W60 83212365924

83212365924, also known as the BMW Genuine Engine Oil Twin Turbo 10W60, is a lubricant that is specifically formulated to fulfill the demanding needs of high-performance twin-turbocharged engines. Here is a summary of its main attributes and advantages:

BMW Genuine Original New

 Engine Oil Twin Turbo 83212365924


This engine oil is designed to offer outstanding lubrication and protection to the engine components, particularly under high-stress circumstances, by combining premium base oils with cutting-edge additives. Ideal lubrication at high and low temperatures is guaranteed by the 10W60 viscosity grade, which is why performance-oriented engines with turbochargers can utilize it. Even in the most difficult operating conditions—such as high temperatures and high engine speeds—the oil retains its viscosity and lubricating qualities, providing smooth engine operation and less wear.


BMW has set the highest standards for quality in the manufacturing of the BMW Genuine Engine Oil Twin Turbo 10W60. It is put through a thorough testing and quality control process to make sure it fulfills or surpasses the criteria and specifications of BMW’s performance engines. Because of the oil’s improved protection against wear, corrosion, and oxidation, the engine’s durability and service life are increased. By avoiding the accumulation of sludge and deposits, its sophisticated formulation contributes to the maintenance of engine cleanliness and long-term engine performance.


BMW automobiles with high-performance twin-turbocharged engines are designed to use this engine oil exclusively. Numerous BMW models, especially those with M series engines and other high-performance versions, are compatible with it.

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