Sachs Front Shock Absorber 300138 — 317559 / 2033201330
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Sachs Front Shock Absorber 300138 — 317559 / 2033201330



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Sachs Front Shock Absorber 300138 — 317559 / 2033201330


The Sachs Front Shock Absorber 300138, also known by the part numbers 317559 and 2033201330, is an excellent aftermarket part made to improve your car’s suspension system performance. This front shock absorber, which is made by the respected brand Sachs in the automobile industry, is designed to offer consistent damping characteristics, which enhances handling and comfort during the ride.

Functionality and Features:

As a vital component of the suspension system, the front shock absorber absorbs and dampens impact forces produced by vehicle movement. This guarantees that the car stays in appropriate contact with the pavement, which improves handling stability and comfort during the ride. The Sachs shock absorber is expertly built to provide efficient damping, improving the suspension system’s overall performance in your car.

Quality and Performance: 

Sachs is renowned for creating automobile parts of the highest calibre, and the Front Shock Absorber 300138 upholds this standing. This aftermarket shock absorber is made of sturdy materials and uses cutting-edge dampening technology. It is put through rigorous testing to guarantee lifetime and dependability. You may get solid performance and an affordable suspension solution for your car by choosing Sachs aftermarket parts.


The Sachs Front Shock 300138 / 317559 / 2033201330 Shock Absorber is made to fit a certain number of car models. Before installation, it is imperative to confirm compatibility with the make, model, and year of your car. A exact fit is ensured by matching the part number and specifications, enabling a smooth integration into the suspension system of your car.


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