Jaguar Axcl Outer Genuine Boot C2S47020
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Jaguar Axcl Outer Genuine Boot C2S47020



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Jaguar Axcl Outer Genuine Boot C2S47020

Part number Jaguar Axle Outer Genuine Boot C2S47020 is the Genuine Jaguar Axle Outer Boot, which is a part for the outer part of the axle in Jaguar cars. As a component of the axle assembly, this boot is essential to maintaining the vehicle’s drivetrain’s correct operation and shielding the axle joint from impurities.

Important characteristics:

Axle Defense: 

The purpose of the Jaguar Axle Outer Genuine Boot is to shield the outer axle joint. It serves as a flexible cover that seals the joint, keeping moisture, dirt, and other foreign objects out and protecting the axle’s internal parts.

Exact Fit: 

This axle boot is made with great care and attention to detail, providing a precise fit for Jaguar models. Its measurements and characteristics perfectly match the demands of the manufacturer, guaranteeing a safe and effective fit into the axle assembly.

Sturdiness and Integrity of Drivetrain: 

The Axle Outer Boot is made of premium materials and is designed to survive the severe environments that axle components must endure. It is designed to last, protecting the axle joint for a long time and preserving the integrity of the car’s drivetrain.


The C2S47020 boot is made especially to work with Jaguar automobiles. To guarantee correct fit and best performance, check sure it is compatible with the make and model of your Jaguar.


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