Meyle Air Filter Element for Mercedes-Benz 6020940404
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Meyle Air Filter Element for Mercedes-Benz 6020940404



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The Meyle Air Filter Element, designed for Mercedes-Benz with part number 6020940404, is a precision-engineered component crafted to enhance the performance and efficiency of your vehicle’s air intake system. This air filter element is an essential part of the system, designed to filter and purify the incoming air before it enters the engine, ensuring clean and debris-free air for combustion.

Manufactured to meet high-quality standards, the Meyle Air Filter Element is constructed from durable and efficient filtering materials, ensuring optimal filtration and dependable performance. It is designed to trap and remove particles, such as dust and contaminants, contributing to the improved air quality and longevity of the engine.

Tailored for compatibility with specific vehicle models, including those from Mercedes-Benz, this air filter element offers precise fitting and straightforward installation. By choosing this Meyle component, you can rely on maintaining the high standards of excellence and performance associated with your vehicle’s brand, ensuring that the air intake system operates effectively and reliably, thereby enhancing the engine’s efficiency and longevity while promoting clean air intake for combustion.

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