Mercedes-Benz Genuine Air Filter 2700940004
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Mercedes-Benz Genuine Air Filter 2700940004



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Genuine Mercedes-Benz

AIR FILTER 2700940004

The excellent original equipment manufacturer (OEM) air filter 2700940004, known as the Mercedes-Benz Genuine Air Filter, was created especially for  automobiles. This air filter is a vital part of the air intake system of your car and is important for preserving the longevity and performance of the engine.


Important characteristics are given bellow:

Accurate Fit:

 This air filter is made specifically to fit your benz car, guaranteeing a safe and efficient installation.

Effective Filtration: 

The filter provides effective filtration of incoming air because it is constructed of high-quality materials. It successfully collects dirt, pollen, dust, and other particles to keep them out of the engine.


A few Mercedes-Benz models are compatible with the Genuine Air Filter 2700940004. To verify compatibility, please consult the handbook that came with your car or get advice from an authorised for service centre or dealership.

Engine Protection: 

By preventing harmful contaminants from entering the engine, the Mercedes-Benz Genuine Air Filter helps protect your engine from premature wear and damage, extending its life.


Regular maintenance and replacement of your air filter, following the manufacturer’s recommendations, are essential to ensure your engine continues to operate efficiently and smoothly.

The engine of your car will receive exceptional filtration and protection from the  Genuine Air Filter 2700940004. It is built to the highest quality standards and is specifically tailored to fit  vehicles, guaranteeing lifespan and optimum performance.

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Mercedes Benz

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