Mercedes-Benz Genuine OIL RETURN LINE A2740900877
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Mercedes-Benz Genuine OIL RETURN LINE A2740900877



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Explore the benefits of the A2740900877 return line. Improve performance and durability with Mercedes-Benz Genuine OIL.

A2740900877, a Mercedes-Benz Genuine component, is a “OIL RETURN LINE.”

Qualities and Features:

  • Function: An essential part of the engine’s lubricating system is the oil return line. It makes it easier for oil to return to the engine’s oil pan or reservoir from different engine parts, including turbochargers or cylinder heads.
  • Material: Usually composed of sturdy materials resistant to heat and the caustic qualities of motor oil.
  • Design: Made in accordance with OEM guidelines to guarantee correct fit, operation, and compatibility with the car’s engine system.
  • Sealing: To stop oil leaks and guarantee effective functioning, integrated seals or gaskets may be used.
  • Importance: Maintaining the best possible engine lubrication, performance, and efficiency depends on the oil return line operating properly.


  • As part of routine maintenance, the oil return line should be inspected and replaced on a regular basis to assist prevent oil leaks, guarantee adequate lubrication, and avert any engine damage.
  • Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations, mileage, and driving circumstances, replacement intervals may change.
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