BMW Genuine Oil Filter Element 11427542021 / 11427511161
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BMW Genuine Oil Filter Element 11427542021 / 11427511161



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BMW Genuine Original New Oil Filter Element

 11427542021 / 11427511161

 Replace : 11420396940 / 11420151456 / 11420305202

The 11427542021 / 11427511161 BMW Genuine Oil Filter Element is a prime example of the brand’s dedication to superior engine maintenance. This genuine oil filter element is made particularly for BMW vehicles and is a precision-engineered part meant to maintain the best possible engine health and performance.


 An essential part of the engine’s lubrication system is the BMW Genuine Oil Filter Element. The engine produces impurities and byproducts during operation, which may impair performance. These particles, such as dirt and metal fragments, are effectively captured by the oil filter element, stopping them from passing through the engine. By ensuring that only clean oil reaches essential engine parts, this procedure lowers friction and lengthens the engine’s lifespan.


 The BMW Genuine Oil Filter Element, part numbers 11427542021 / 11427511161, has sophisticated filtration capabilities. It is made with premium materials and expert engineering, and its goal is to filter more effectively by capturing even the smallest particles. This feature improves the oil filter’s resistance to engine deterioration, resulting in longer engine life and better performance. Because of its well-designed ability to withstand the rigors of contemporary engines, the filter is a crucial part in keeping engines operating at their best.


 The Genuine Oil Filter Element is a clear example of BMW’s dedication to quality. This oil filter  is made with precision and premium materials, and it goes through extensive testing to ensure that it meets or surpasses BMW’s exacting standards. The end product is a part that is exactly in line with the brand’s commitment to performance, dependability, and longevity. Selecting the BMW Genuine Oil Filter  guarantees a superior filtration solution, demonstrating BMW’s steadfast dedication to offering premium parts for their automobiles.


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