AIR FILTER 2710940204 FROM BOSCH 1987429401
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AIR FILTER 2710940204 FROM BOSCH 1987429401


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AIR FILTER 0710940204

FROM BOSCH 1987429401


A vital part of your car’s air intake system, the 1987429401 Air Filter (also known as part number 2710940204) is made to guarantee that air enters the engine cleanly and effectively. Bosch is a well-known brand that is well-known for its superior engineering and automotive parts. Bosch is the company behind this premium air filter.



 C-CLASS W203 C180 / C200 KOMPRESSOR 2002-2007

C-CLASS W203 C200 CGI KOMPRESSOR 2003-2007

C-CLASS W203 C230 KOMPRESSOR 2004-2007

C-CLASS W204 C180 / C200 KOMPRESSOR 2007-2014

E-CLASS W211 E200 KOMPRESSOR 2002-2008


Key Features Are Mentioned Below:


Enhanced Engine Performance

The 1987429401 Air Filter contributes to improved engine performance and efficiency by allowing for clear, unobstructed airflow. It helps increase combustion, which raises power output and fuel efficiency.


Superior Construction

1987429401 is widely recognized for its unwavering dedication to quality, and this air filter is no exception. Its long service life and efficient quality is guaranteed by the sturdy, dependable materials that are used in its construction.



The 1987429401 Air Filter is manufactured to meet or beyond the manufacturer’s specifications and is specifically designed to fit a range of vehicle models. Before installing it, make sure that it is compatible with your car.

Weight 3 kg