HENGST New Oil Filter Element For Mercedes-Benz 2781800009 / E155HD122
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HENGST New Oil Filter Element For Mercedes-Benz 2781800009 / E155HD122



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HENGST E155HD122 New Oil Filter Element For Mercedes-Benz 2781800009


 A vital part of Mercedes-Benz vehicle maintenance and peak performance, the HENGST New Oil Filter Element, part numbers 2781800009 / E155HD122, is an example of precision engineering and dependability. This oil filter element is made with great care and attention to detail. Its purpose is to shield the engine from damage and effectively filter impurities, so maintaining optimal performance and longevity.


 The HENGST Oil Filter Element’s main job is to filter contaminants out of engine oil so they can’t recirculate and harm important engine parts. The filter element collects debris, sludge, and broken pieces of metal as the oil flows through the engine. By ensuring that only pure and filtered oil reaches essential engine components, this effective operating mechanism preserves appropriate lubrication and increases engine longevity.


The HENGST Oil Filter Element 2781800009 / E155HD122 is capable of more than just basic filtration. With its precision design and use of cutting-edge materials, this filter element improves the engine’s ability to run at maximum efficiency. Its qualities, which guarantee that the engine gets the protection it requires for smooth operation, include excellent filtering efficiency, ideal oil flow rates, and conformance with Mercedes-Benz specifications.


HENGST is well known for manufacturing automobile filters of the highest caliber, and the New Oil Filter Element is evidence of this dedication. Expertly crafted and employing premium components, this filter element is put through a thorough testing process to ensure it meets or surpasses industry standards. As a result, the part is precisely in line with HENGST’s commitment to dependability, performance, and longevity. Selecting the HENGST New Oil Filter Element guarantees a premium option for preserving the engine’s health in Mercedes-Benz automobiles.

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