Bosch Brake Oil 1987479004 DOT 4 500 ml
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Bosch Brake Oil 1987479004 DOT 4 500 ml



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Bosch Brake Oil 1987479004

DOT 4 500 ml

An overview of Bosch Brake Oil DOT 4 500 ml 1987479004

High-quality brake fluid like Bosch Brake Oil 1987479004 DOT 4 500 ml is made to satisfy the exacting specifications of contemporary braking systems. A thorough overview of this product that covers its different characteristics can be found below:


1. Constitution and Details

DOT 4 Formula:

This brake oil complies with the requirements for braking fluids established by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Synthetic Formulation:

Made up of artificial substances that provide stability and excellent performance in a range of circumstances.

Compatibility: Made to work with alternative braking technologies as well as anti-lock brake systems (ABS).

2. Features of Performance

High Boiling Point:

Provides a high boiling point while reducing brake fade and vapour lock in extremely cold conditions to preserve reliable braking performance.

Resistance to Corrosion:

Offers superior defence against corrosion, increasing the life of brake system parts.

Minimises moisture absorption to guarantee steady operation of the brake fluid throughout time.

3. Advantages

Enhanced Safety:

Enhances vehicle safety by guaranteeing dependable braking performance even in challenging circumstances.


Decreases the frequency of maintenance by extending the life of brake system components.

Assurance of Compatibility: Fits a wide range of cars, making it an adaptable option for varied brake systems.



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