Boge Front Left Spring Strut 32L35A / 31306771177 / 31316786001
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Boge Front Left Spring Strut 32L35A / 31306771177 / 31316786001



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Boge 32L35A

Front Left Spring Strut 31306771177

Replace : 31316786001 / 31314036119 / 31316767323

The part codes 32L35A, 31306771177, and 31316786001 correspond to the Boge Front Left Spring Strut, which is an essential item meant to improve the front suspension system of certain cars, including several BMW models. This spring strut, which is made by the respected company Boge, is designed to offer dependable support and dampening for enhanced handling and ride comfort in automobile suspension systems.


The front left spring strut combines a shock absorber for dampening and a coil spring for load-bearing support as a crucial component of the front suspension system. The Boge Front Left Spring Strut 32L35A / 31306771177 / 31316786001 tyre is engineered to effectively regulate vertical movements, guaranteeing maximum tyre contact with the road and enhancing overall stability and control—particularly on uneven and turning terrain.


Boge’s front left spring strut exhibits exceptional capability in offering efficient load-bearing support and dampening properties. The design offers better handling accuracy and ride comfort by taking into account the unique needs of the front suspension. Boge is renowned for producing parts that are both high-performing and adhere to industry requirements.


The main purpose of the Boge Front Left Spring Strut is to improve the front suspension system’s performance. It provides a smoother ride by absorbing and mitigating shocks and vibrations. While the shock absorber helps with stability and control, the coil spring guarantees correct load distribution, which improves handling and comfort while driving.

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