Audi / VW Genuine Front Brake Pad Set 8R0698151AB
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Audi / VW Genuine Front Brake Pad Set 8R0698151AB



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Audi / VW Genuine Front Brake Pad Set 8R0698151AB


In order to slow down or stop the car when the brakes are applied, the front brake pad set is an essential component of the braking system. Part number 8R0698151AB designates this particular set for use in specific Audi and Volkswagen automobiles.

Functional Capabilities:

The brake pads work in conjunction with the brake rotors to create friction, which is what allows the vehicle to slow down or come to a stop. This friction material is typically a combination of several materials.

Heat Dissipation: In order to minimise brake fade and ensure constant braking performance, the brake pads are designed with features that effectively disperse heat.


High criteria specified by the respective brands are met in the manufacturing of the Front Brake Pad specified 8R0698151AB, which is a genuine Audi/Volkswagen item. Genuine components are made to fit Audi and Volkswagen vehicles perfectly and operate at their best.

Check if the Audi/VW Genuine Front Brake Pad Set 8R0698151AB is appropriate for your car’s particular make, model, and year of ownership. The designs of brake pads can differ throughout various car models.


Installation: To ensure proper installation of the front brake pads, according to the manufacturer’s instructions or get expert help. For safe and efficient brake operation, proper installation is essential.


Maintenance To keep the brake system operating at its best, it is imperative to do routine system checks, which include looking for wear on the brake pads. The suggested intervals for replacing brake pads are specified by the manufacturer.


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Audi / VW

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