Audi / VW Genuine Brake Disc JZW615301H / 1K0615301AA
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Audi / VW Genuine Brake Disc JZW615301H / 1K0615301AA



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Audi / VW Genuine Original New Brake Disc JZW615301H

Replace : 1K0615301AA

This particular item, JZW615301H (Audi) / 1K0615301AA (VW), is a genuine brake disc made specifically for use in Audi and Volkswagen automobiles. This brake disc is a vital component of the car’s braking system, expertly made. It satisfies the exacting requirements that Audi and Volkswagen have set for performance, longevity, and quality.


When braking is applied, the JZW615301H / 1K0615301AA Genuine Brake Disc works by giving the brake pads a friction surface to engage with. This produces the required friction for the car to slow down and come to a stop. The disc offers the best braking performance since its materials and design are made to withstand the heat produced during braking.


 The Audi / VW Genuine Brake Disc is well-known for its exceptional build quality and is put through extensive testing to ensure it meets the high standards set by the manufacturer. The brake disc is made of premium materials and is designed to endure the extreme heat and pressures of braking without losing its structural integrity over time.


Braking Performance:

 By giving the brake pads the essential friction surface, the JZW615301H / 1K0615301AA Genuine Brake Disc is an essential part of good braking performance.

Heat Dissipation: 

Designed to effectively disperse heat, braking efficiency is maintained throughout and brake fade is avoided.

Precision Fit:

 The brake disc’s design ensures optimal contact between it and the brake pads by blending perfectly with the vehicle’s braking system.

Weight 8.65 kg
Car Brand

Audi / VW

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