Audi Volkswagen Genuine A/C Compressor 7P0820803D
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Audi Volkswagen Genuine A/C Compressor 7P0820803D



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Audi Volkswagen Genuine Original New

A/C compressor 7P0820803D

Replace : 7P0820803N

This Genuine Audi Volkswagen air conditioning compressor is a genuine part from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and is made to the high standards set by Volkswagen and Audi. Key characteristics and information about the 7P0820803D A/C Compressor are as follows:

Use For :

AUDI Q7 4L 3.0 2006-201

VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG 7LA / 7L6 / 7L7 3.0 2004-2010

OEM Caliber:

Audi Volkswagen Genuine made by the original equipment manufacturer for Audi and Volkswagen include the 7P0820803D A/C Compressor. This guarantees that the compressor is made to the vehicle’s precise requirements, resulting in a perfect fit and top performance.

Precision Engineering: 

This A/C compressor demonstrates the devotion to precision engineering that Audi and Volkswagen are known for. The part is expertly made to provide dependable and effective performance for the car’s air conditioning system.

Reliable Compatibility: 

The 7P0820803D A/C Compressor is made especially to work with a number of Audi and Volkswagen models. It is imperative to confirm that the item is compatible with the make and model of your car in order to guarantee correct fit and best performance.

Simple Integration: 

The Audi Volkswagen Genuine conditioning system in your car can be easily integrated with this A/C compressor thanks to its engineering. The genuine nature of the item guarantees that it will fit flawlessly with the existing components of your Audi or Volkswagen, though professional installation is still suggested.

Weight 5.35 kg
Car Brand

Audi / VW

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