AC FILTER 2038300918 / 2038300118 FROM BOSCH 1987432370
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AC FILTER 2038300918 / 2038300118 FROM BOSCH 1987432370



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AC FILTER 2038300918 / 2038300118

BOSCH 1987432370

AC Filters 2038300918 / 2038300118 from Bosch 1987432370″ Proudly offered by Bosch under the model 1987432370, the AC Filters 2038300918 and 2038300118 are high-end air conditioning filtration solutions made to improve the efficiency and air quality of your car’s HVAC system. The cabin air that these filters are designed to ensure is fresh, clean, and comfortable for both you and your passengers.







The Bosch 1987432370 AC Filters 2038300918 and 2038300118 are made to work with a variety of car makes and models, making them adaptable options for a range of vehicles. These filters offer compatibility and dependable performance whether you drive a sedan, SUV, or another kind of car.


These AC filters make it simple to maintain the HVAC system’s efficiency and air quality in your car. They make maintenance easier and guarantee that the air in your cabin doesn’t contain any impurities because they are easy to install and replace.

In order to maintain a cozy and healthful indoor environment, regular replacement of the AC filter is essential. Because of their long-lasting construction and low frequency of replacement, the Bosch 1987432370 filters are built to last


How the AC Filters 2038300918 and 2038300118 work: They effectively filter the incoming air that travels through the cabin of your car.

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