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Denso A/C COMPRESSOR 0002300611

17 C” 4471002076

SUC3295 / DA9046 / DA9177 / DCP17011

Supersede # :

1191300015 / 0002340028 / 1191300015

The A/C Compressor with part number 0002300611, sourced from Denso, is a high-quality and reliable component developed for vehicle air conditioning systems. Denso, a worldwide recognized brand, is known for creating sophisticated and trustworthy automobile parts.

Important characteristics:

Efficient Cooling Performance: 

The A/C Compressor 0002300611 from Denso is developed to deliver efficient and reliable cooling performance for your vehicle’s air conditioning system. It is essential to the general comfort of the car’s interior since it compresses and circulates refrigerant.

Precision Engineering: 

Denso is known for its precision engineering, and this dedication is shown in the A/C Compressor. The compressor’s excellent performance and compatibility with a range of vehicle systems are guaranteed by its painstaking attention to detail in design.

Durability and Longevity: 

The A/C Compressor is made of premium materials and is designed to resist the harsh operating conditions of automobiles. Because of its long-lasting construction, it will function dependably and perform well in a variety of environmental circumstances.


The A/C Compressor 0002300611 is designed to be compatible with particular car models. To guarantee correct fit and best performance, check sure it is compatible with the make and model of your car.

Working Mechanism: An essential part of the air conditioning system is the A/C compressor. Its main job is to compress low-pressure refrigerant into high-pressure gas, which starts the process of heat exchange that cools the air that circulates inside the car.

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