Mercedes-Benz Genuine Radiator Coolant 0009890825 MB 325.0 1 Litter
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Mercedes-Benz Genuine Radiator Coolant 0009890825 MB 325.0 1 Litter


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Mercedes-Benz Genuine Radiator Coolant

Radiator Coolant 0009890825 MB 325.0

1 Litter

This premium coolant, part number 0009890825, is specifically made for use in Mercedes-Benz automobiles. It is the official Mercedes-Benz radiator coolant. This radiator coolant satisfies MB 325.0 criteria and is designed to fulfil Mercedes-Benz’s high standards.

Important characteristics:

Original Mercedes-Benz Component: 

As an official Mercedes-Benz Genuine Radiator Coolant optimal performance and compatibility with Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

0009890825 is the part number. For Mercedes-Benz applications, the correct coolant identification and selection depend heavily on the unique component number.

Features and Advantages:

Temperature Regulation:

 In order to keep the engine from overheating while the car is operating, the Mercedes-Benz Genuine Radiator Coolant is essential.

Corrosion Prevention: 

Has corrosion inhibitors to prevent rust and corrosion on the radiator and other cooling system parts, extending the life of the cooling system.

Durable Performance: 

Designed to offer longer service life, which lowers the need for coolant change on a regular basis.

MB 325.0 specification This coolant satisfies Mercedes-Benz’s strict specifications by adhering to the MB 325.0 specification.

Compatibility Designed to satisfy Mercedes-Benz automobiles’ unique specifications, this coolant guarantees optimum performance and cooling system compatibility.

Usage Advice:

Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions: 

Observe the coolant type and suggested replacement intervals as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.Before using the coolant, dilute it as directed by the manufacturer, if necessary.

Car Brand

Mercedes Benz

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