BMW Genuine Brake Oil 83130443026 DOT 4 1 Litter
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BMW Genuine Brake Oil 83130443026 DOT 4 1 Litter


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BMW Genuine Original

Of course! The following is a thorough description, complete with headers, of the BMW Genuine Brake Oil 83130443026 DOT 4 1 Litre:

Product Synopsis
A premium brake fluid made especially for BMW automobiles is the BMW Genuine Brake Oil 83130443026 DOT 4 1 Litre. This brake oil is designed to satisfy strict specifications, guaranteeing the best possible performance and safety for the braking system of your car.


Brake Oil 83130443026

Supersede # : 83132405977

DOT 4 1 Litter

DOT 4 Guidelines

The Department of Transportation’s (DOT) strict standards are indicated by the DOT 4 specification. With its high boiling temperatures, this type of brake fluid is essential for avoiding brake fade and vapour lock, especially under hard driving circumstances.

Both Quantity and Use

This quantity, which comes in a 1-liter container, is enough to change and flush the brake fluid entirely in your BMW while adhering to the prescribed maintenance intervals. Maintaining braking effectiveness requires regular fluid change.

Performance Advantages

The 83130443026 DOT 4 BMW Genuine Brake Oil is designed to provide outstanding dependability and performance. Its compatibility with BMW automobiles guarantees best performance while maintaining the integrity of the braking system’s parts.

The Manufacturer’s Promise

This genuine brake oil satisfies BMW’s high requirements and ensures optimal performance, dependability, and compatibility with the braking system of your car.

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